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BREAKING NEWS: Appellate Court Paves the Way for Quarantine Camps!

"Stop NY Corruption" Barnstorms Upstate New York

Stop the Corruption!

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The Brownstone Institute - Annual Conference and Gala

Quarantine Lawsuit Appeal Update, and Upcoming Events

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We Are T-Minus 2 Weeks Until Our D-Day!

A True American Story... And An Even Truer American Patriot - Oliver Anthony's "Rich Men North of Richmond" Goes Viral

Is The Tide Turning?

Election Integrity... Beating the Cheaters

How To Hold Them Accountable

My Substack One-Year-Anniversary Edition!

"The United States Government seems to have assumed a role similar to an Orwellian 'Ministry of Truth.'”

Defeating the "Ministry of Tyranny"

Happy Independence Day, America! SCOTUS Gives Us a Terrific Birthday Present...

The Four Great Restrictors

No Farms... No Food

When One Political Party Has Total Control, They Go Totally Out of Control

New York Burning

Quarantine Lawsuit Update

Wake Up and Smell the Corruption!

Our Government Wants to End Your Parental Rights...

Is Truth More Important Than Convenient Lies?

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Parental Bill of Rights Laws Sweeping the Nation

Supreme Court Rules 9-0 In Favor Of The Constitution!

Our Constitution Was Written to Keep the GOVERNMENT In Check... Not to Keep the People In Check!

Where, Oh Where, Have the Civil Rights Organizations Gone?

Reminder: The Litigation Conference is This Weekend in Atlanta!

BREAKING NEWS: Governor Hochul Files Appeal in Our Historic Lawsuit that Struck Down Her Forced Quarantine Regulation!

Reminder... Join Me Tonight and Tomorrow in Rochester!

Ranked Choice Voting... What It Is, and Why You Don't Want It

Defeating censorship the old-fashioned way! Three Fantastic Events You Should Try to Attend in March

Exciting News! I Am To Receive the “American Patriot of the Year” Award on March 19th

Inside an Australian Quarantine Camp!

Warning: The Government Wants to Control EVERYTHING

This Is A Real Threat To Our Republic!

Democracy vs. Constitutional Republic

How the Failed "Red Wave" May Have Saved Our Nation

The Rules of the Game Almost Always Determine the Winner

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