Bobbie, it may be your party...but you didn't get invited!!😀😀

As George Carlin said, "It's a Big Club, but you ain't in it!!"

First of all, it is really a Uniparty that works together until they can't get along in the sandbox. They have to be reminded everyday that they work for us. If they can't then we will find somebody who will take the gig!!

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Thank you, Bobbie Anne Cox, your efforts give me great heart. And I think that many people realize now, as never before in their lifetimes, that citizens have to keep a closer eye on what their representatives are up to, and not let them get away with violating our rights, throwing away our money, and engaging in these sorts of shenanigans. I don't expect that yours, mine, or anyone else's efforts will result in the Perfect World Kumbaya, but I do think we are coming into a time when we are beginning to see more citizen engagement at the local, state, and national level than we have in many previous decades. Things have gone far, too far. Your leadership in this specific matter, as in the lawsuit about the quarantine camps, is invaluable.

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The only way you're going to get the public's attention is to take the jobs away. The TV has trained them from 9 to 5 to go home and do the same the next day. They don't stop and ask questions. I bet 90% have forgotten about the whole COVID-19 hoax and think that back to normal life we go. That's why other countries say Americans are stupid and I would have never believed it until I saw what happened in 2020. 90% have zero critical thinking.

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“The further a Society drifts away from Truth, the more it will hate those who Speak it.”

Eric Arthur Blair, aka, George Orwell.

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” GO.

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Thank you once again Bobbie Anne. As you heard at Summit for Truth in Rochester, the COVID vaccines are poison even without the intolerable contaminants that derive directly from shoddy DOD manufacture, but approved by the FDA anyway and pushed on the public by politicians like Hochul and Adams, not to mention the boards of health and NYS bar association. The full truth has yet to be published in mainstream media because the government holds them captive.

Our neighbors in NJ are lovely folks from Poland with 4 daughters now 17, 15, 6 and 4 years. Two years ago the Mama of these girls asked my wife about school vaccinations. After getting the low-down she filed the exemption forms. But the older girls told us (with their charming accents) “all the kids in the HS got the shots!” What a tragedy when it is now revealed by PET scans that NOBODY escapes some level of heart injury from the mRNA injections, even if the damage is sub-clinical. What a tragedy. Not to mention the the accumulation of LNPs and spike proteins in the organs and damage to the microbiome ... parents generally oblivious to what has happened.

Now we are about to elect town council members and a new mayor. To be sure some candidates...especially Dems ... will not discuss the most important issue in front of us. What is that issue? It is at its core Constitutional governance AT ALL LEVELS of government. Insisting on local statutes that violate personal sovereignty no matter how well intentioned should be a flag to office holders that they DO NOT always know best especially regarding jnvasive medical procedures like vaccines. And no one has to trust someone else’s physician, especially medical advisors to the school system hired by a retarded superintendent. When will we learn? I have stories about past superintendents that might render even experienced Lawyer Cox with face in hands.

Maybe candidates should be required to take even a simple test on Constitutional knowledge. Most would flunk!

Thanks for all you do. Understanding that the pandemic was a fraud and the shots are garbage is an imperative for the judiciary and entire legal profession. Julia Smith Gibbons certainly did not “get it” when she removed Judge Doughty’s CMS mandate stay. My impolite metaphor is that judge Gibbons was “wetting her robes” over the virus because she listened to CNN instead of CHD.

Thanks, in part to judge Gibbon’s ignorance … using her as a model for ignorance in the judiciary … the extermination of 1M Americans in our hospitals went unchallenged. Not to mention at least 250,000 dead from

the shots in 2021 alone, and the poisoning of a whole generation.

But no one will talk about it, leaving the Biden administration off the hook for its crimes and people voting Democratic out of ignorance.

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Knowledge is Power, and Ignorance is expensive, painful, and often leads you to the nearest Cemetery. (The Undertakers are getting rich, the sale of burial plots are booming).

If this sounds morbid, please forgive me.

From Lantern Cove, where the Ocean is calm, cool, and creative…..

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Don’t you find it interesting that the existence and influence of algorithms working on New York’s voter database have been traced to mid-2007, and since then there have been only one party governors and the development of supermajorities in that same political party? Read and decide for yourself:














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Just like in Oregon, the emergency powers did not go away. They say they expired, but they are written as law.

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You are cute. I truly adore you. And everything you sat and for. Unfortunately NYS has seen nothing but stolen elections for decades. Before you were born, I was fighting stolen elections. And yet, here we are, fifty years later, seeing it never change. I gave up and moved out. I loved my state. But no, I could not stand by whilst those that could have changed all this by voting, chose to not. NYS itself is probably the most conservative state in the union. But the cretins of Albany and the cities(Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton, and nyc, ) have made NYS out to be an inner city welfare supported shithole. So until you can get those dumbasses in all the counties to overwhelm the precincts, it matters not what you do. Nyers won’t vote. “ I’m too busy on my farm/shop/ plant/ whatever to go vote. So y’all get 12% turnout whilst the welfare motherfuckers get 20. Love ya, but good luck.

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Also, I'm not going to lie the federal government has violated the constitution and is looking at serious crimes against humanity. There is no right or left both are jokes. People need to be held accountable. This right and left shit is stupid its called divide and conquer Im done voting. Nullification and anti-commandeering doctrine is going to be used. I'm done with this bullshit.

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How do we stop Congress from constantly putting us in as being in a state of war so that they can bypass the constitution?

Also, my friend has property that we tried to get a land payton during Covid. Do you cover Real Estate ball with regards to a title that was given to his home 20 years ago that was falsely given to him because the property still has the Duke of York, and it’s listed as, part of the land patent?

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Those who presently hold the reigns of power will do anything to subvert the will of the people.

You are so right on with “gerrymandering” and many don’t realize that the seats in congress can be manipulated if district maps are not drawn to represent constituents fairly.


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All of our legislatures should meet online in forums that they can't prevent us from seeing, to eliminate conspiracies and frauds.

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"Stop the Corruption"? would mean putting Godless politics & our 5 Billion in fruad fines, [and leader in cause of death]/ Big Pharma's out of business! Satan & friends won't let that happen! This is all to teach, [ones who can critically think] [i.e. not groupthink] that, "The wages of sin is death; but the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our lord." [Romans 6:23] This short life is only a test!

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G R E A T !

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I cannot find your Facebook page

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