You were fantastic in Rochester Saturday! Recommending my friends find your talk on Rumble!

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Thanks Bobbie Anne! I made it to Rochester, really enjoyed your presentation and all the others, of course! My first health-freedom live event since my “mandate retirement” two years ago, other than CHD and Kennedy. I’m so glad I attended! A few comments.

1. In the morning session there was confusion ... at least in the wording ... over history of liability suspension for vaccine makers. The 1986 law (VICA) was the start of that, not PREP, as Malone asserted. PREP may be the set up for the COVID shots but we must not forget about VICA when repealing laws! Fauci stood over Reagan’s shoulder as he signed it into law. I felt this was confusing for the audience.

PATRIOT and PREP came later, justified by 9/11 ... the fear element was biological attacks by terrorists. (Were the WTC takedowns a demolition? The evidence is compelling. Is this how we get laws passed? I think Malone’s presentation answers that one.)

PREP: Let’s make sure we can jab EVERYBODY ... adults included ...with no legal challenges. All these laws have stipulations about willful misconduct that have not been exploited ... that’s what happens when we have a DOJ in-name-only. Maybe “willful misconduct” will kick in later under a new administration.

2. There was a lot of discussion about contamination, but nobody mentioned that the shots ARE NOT A PHARMA PRODUCT. They are produced by DOD contractors with statutory cGMP and quality controls suspended. OF COURSE there is contamination. The Brooks Jackson judgement came down AGAINST the false claims act complaint by Mendenhall because the DOD contracts DID NOT PROMISE ANYTHING. Metal particulate contamination was reported by inspectors in Japan in August 2021 ... a month before I lost my job.

3. As Jeffrey Tucker was sitting on the stage during break, I said hello, I’m an Epoch Times reader and a long time fan. Me: “BTW should we not have Constitutional Amendment that protects Medical Freedom, along the lines of the Benjamin Rush quote? “ He seemed not to know what I was referring to.

Jeffrey’s answer: “I don’t see what good an Amendment will do, the government doesn’t follow the Constitution anyway.”

Me: “Then is it not our job to restore Constitutional governance?” I skipped a snide remark about how Canada is in complete collapse while we are struggling but hanging in there largely due to our WRITTEN CONSTITUTION (and Bobbie Anne Cox)!

Jeffrey: shoulder shrug.

Jeffrey was pulling my leg a bit as he did not appreciate the question off the cuff. His talk was ABOUT Constitutional governance. It was absolutely FANTASTIC!

4. Question for you, in case you might know. My big deal high tech company imposed the mandate on 20,000 employees with NO testing alternative and NO provision for NI. So I left. Two weeks later a colleague was dead. How many more? The AG of PA would have to investigate, but they don’t.

State consumer protection laws were broken behind the veil of “company private.” It’s not as if the AG does not know.

Why are States NOT INTERESTED in extra-judicial killings of employees where failure of informed consent (EUA violation) and affirmative misrepresentation (DOD sourcing of the shots) are root-cause complaints. All citizen protections were swept aside.

Why do States fail to investigate deadly violations of their laws?

5. Question for you in case you might know. How were insurance companies involved in mandate impositions when there was no legal requirement? Was it the threat of insurance claim denials if there was NO company mandate? A liability shotgun pointed at the CEO? Or maybe CIA contracts?

Thank you for your wonderful presentation in Rochester!

Best! Ed

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Awesome news.

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You will have to attend for all of the New Yorkers who cannot go. Old dog who I would worry about the entire time if I went. I enjoyed your talk and openness with the attendees in Rochester who wanted to talk to you. Jeffery Tucker’s speech was wonderful. I hope to watch it again online.

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Thanks for the backstory on the Brownstone Institute, which I didn’t know was a recent creation. I will look at their site.

Steamroller is a term I also use to describe the massive machine they deploy to jam all these blatant lies and psyops down our throats and bring on tyranny as a result. Thanks for standing against this.

We need to get rid of these quarantine laws in other states, like FL for example.

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