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Congratulations Bobbie Anne !!!

You are a true warrior and we are

Rooting you on 🙏

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Bobbie Ann Cox - I remember, in my much younger days looking at the corruption in our world and feeling so small and alone. One of the great ironies of life is that through this hideous travesty called COVID, we have come to find you and the stellar humans like you, Pierre Kory, Paul Marik, Aseem Malhotra, Tess Laurie, A Midwestern Doctor, Jessica Rose, Dr Robert Malone, Bobby Kennedy. I am so inspired by all of you.

A wise man once said, “I truly believe we are at a pivotal time, where the work that each of us puts in can make an immense impact on the future course of this world.” (A Midwestern Doctor on Substack)

I, for one, am inspired to act upon that advice.

Thank you. I am eternally both grateful and indebted to you folks - for saving me from despair. ☺️

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I watched this video of a public meeting, which I came across on the "World Doctors Alliance" group on the Telegram app, and thought it was a very helpful, constructive, non-threatening approach.

This lady did NONE of the "this is what I know that you ought to know" attitude that you find with 00DEZ, for example. She is merely offering help and support to help people with what they want to achieve, with the situational awareness that they already have.

The difficulty that people experience with the "you need to wake up to this" approach is that not everyone is in the same position, and some or many feel threatened and get either defensive, or aggressive, or dismiss things that conflict with how they understand the world currently.

The recognition that people need the help and co-operation of other like-minded people, on the other hand, is pretty universal.

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Outside the US I will not subscribe, may comment after seeing your support for free speech.


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