Good article Bobbie.

DoJ, Border Patrol, Immigration, etc are all subsidiary companies of your local parent companies - the United States, and the United States of America. These local parent companies are in turn owned by another parent company, and up the line it goes.

Anything happening that seems corrupt, or crazy, or treasonous, is occurring because of deliberate decisions. It isn't a mistake, or an unintended consequence, or incompetence. "Democrats and Republicans" is just a part of the distraction narrative for arguments between supposedly opposite camps, along with various other 'bread n circuses' entertainment that keep the people from looking behind the curtain.

Nothing that emanates from the corporates (trading as a govt) bears any semblance of truth. Nothing.

It is high time for Torches and Pitchforks.

Start talking about that, everywhere you go, every day.

Tell everyone that the only option is total removal of the parasitic class and all their rules.

We the People are more than capable of running everything.

How do I know? Because we already do it.

None of the parasite class could organise a orgy in a brothel.

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Imagine young fighting age men stuffed into every Hotel and empty Office building and then Bang!!

The Grid goes down and its survival time baby!!

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This is Cloward / Piven on steroids and it’s all by design to overwhelm the welfare state and destroy the economy. What will happen when the food shortages begin and eventually famine? Desperate time’s make desperate people do desperate thing’s.

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Aloha Bobbie, what is occurring in New York, occurs in Hawaii too. This is deliberate/ intentional by Federal / State Government and also, most likely the Military Industrial Complex. Shipping migrants into New York, creates economic conflict between NY locals and foreign migrants. Employers will offer lower wages to migrants which forces local employees out of their jobs. This will boost profits for greedy employers. And this will increase competition for jobs.

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Another blockbuster! Thank you.

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If the DOJ were functioning as an independent agency enforcing laws, what could they have done ... in principle? Same question about Congressional oversight. What could Congress have done if not hamstrung by Dems who rubber stamp anything the comes from WH?

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The Solution:🔜 https://www.corbettreport.com/

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That closing quote by Lincoln has got to be as big a joke as this Illegal Invasion Evasion of Responsibility.

The Feral DC Gov has been an Enemy for a long time, Comrades..... but Let's not relitigate the previous CW, not now When the Next CW is upon us.

History "rhymes" it does not Repeat exactly. I am convinced that the USSA as now constituted is destined for dissolution, whetherwith a Bang or a Whimper does not alter the outcome.

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NYC politicians are selected not elected!

Our only recourse is to get the hell out of dodge.

Let the selected politicians try to run this city without taxpayers' money.

I watch my friends flee to other countries ( Panama, and Costa Rica,) because they cannot afford to live in the US.

We are in this mess because New Yorkers' voices cannot be heard among the illegal immigrants that don't give a crap about our city or values. After all, they are privy to the benefits that our selected politicians gladly hand out to them in exchange for their loyalty.

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Exactly the same here in the UK. A figure of $9.7m per day on hotel expenditure is being throw about. It's outrageous with some of the poverty growing here. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-66855830

Riots are breaking out with police over it, police vans burnt to the ground, etc.


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Cochise county is in Arizona

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Great, thanks for sharing your feedback.

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The Reagan administration started this mess.


They stopped enforcing laws that put criminal and civil penalties on companies that hire illegals.

Every single president since then has continued the same idiocy.

Why? Because corporations want cheap illegal labor.

I contend that since Reagan, we have had a uniparty system that pretends to compete with each other.

They're both pro wall street, pro war, pro sanctions, pro wasting tax money.

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So MANY issues, but the principal one is the destruction of the US, which is being permitted by this SATANIC administration at taxpayers expense.

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No question about it, a nation is physically defined by its borders, which are borders only because that nation establishes and controls them. I think it is in contempt of question that we must re-establish control over our southern border, and also apprehend and deport those who have entered illegally, unless a return to their home would clearly result in their immediate and unavoidable execution or imprisonment for political dissent.

This situation is not an accident. Nor did it arise from some humanitarian concern for the tired, the poor, the homeless, the tempest-tossed, or the wretched masses longing to be free. It has been done to further a political agenda, which is to say provide power and profit to the small group of psychopaths who actually own and run this madhouse plantation.

That said, I cannot but wonder how many of these people are coming to our country because we have bombed the hell out of their country, either literally or economically. Maybe they figure that the US is the one place that the US will not bomb.

Of course, they may be wrong about that.

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Can you take it to the supreme court!!

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