Why sit? Until people realize no one is coming to save them and that lawsuits do not work, they are going to the camps. It's just that simple. And yet to date they still wear mask's and take shots. I have no words, so there is no reason to sit down. It'll fall on deaf ears like everything else has. People do not care until it affect them personally. This is a selfish generation who only cares about their own well being.

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I am so, so sorry, Bobbie Anne and New Yorkers. Thank you for continuing the fight. You got this, Bobbie Anne, and we've got your back! 💪🙌

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It's such bullshit when they dismiss cases on standing.

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Hochul the dictator of NYS and these rouge judges need to be held accountable, how many times have we seen this in courts throughout the country “No Standing”. The Supreme Court needs to grow a pair of balls and strike down these woke rouge courts.

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I am not surprised by this ruling unfortunately.. The governor and her criminals appealed it because they knew they owned the court.. Just watch the movie with Al Pacino The Devils Advocate, will tell you all you need to know about these corrupt courts.. The law is going to have to finally be in the hands of the people.. Tyrannical laws are just that, and do not and will not be followed.. We have them outnumbered millions to one.. Our numbers will be taking you to your quarantine camps governor, and who is your boss governor and handler, someone in the WEF??

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Getting real hard to fight the system from within, thank God we still got people trying. Truth will win eventually... stay in the arena

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Information is now apparent how quarantine camps can be a weapon for population control, and have already been prepared.

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Totalitarian thugs at work now seem to have infiltrated every aspect of society including the justice system .

Here are just a few reminders ....

Gender confusion

Digital IDs

Climate Crisis

Weather warfare

Attacks on the Food system

Toxic killer drugs (Remdesivir)

No doctor patient relationship

Govt lawlessness

Online surveillance

Open border unlimited illegals

Vaccine mandates

Vaccine passports

Gene therapy hidden in jabs

More Forced confinement (Australia)

Digital currencies coming

Nanobots and hydrogel killing

unproven - mRNA that has harmed millions

Microbial surveillance

End of Hypocratic Oath and informed consent

Electronic and machine hackable and rigged voting

Police and military following BAD ORDERS

Deadly vaccines with LIABILITY shields

What's your pronoun?



Liberal Medical assisted death (CANADA and MAiD)

Forced to pay taxes without REPRESENTAION (*treason and tyranny)

And finally Prisoners do more to stop pedophiles than Government (no prosecution of HUNDREDS on Lolita express including PRESIDENTS like Clinton and Obhama

Unelected WEF WHO thug club run by Gates et al. and Communist power grab to one FORCED world govt abd zero sovereignty and stoppage of ALL human rights including dignity and privacy .

I could go on but you get the idea !

This WILL not end well unless WE THE PEOPLE RISE UP UNITED and fight .

By fight I mean being courageous and brave.


MORAL and PHYSICAL (veterans)

We will NEED BOTH !



9 year vetetan in two militaries who is old and tired .

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Nov 20Liked by Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox

This pathetic ruling by the NYS Supreme Court Appellate Division's Fourth Judicial Department, is the cudgel which now must be used to clobber Hochul in her Gubernatorial re-election bid - which, if I'm not mistaken, takes place this coming November 2024. The time to begin unseating Hochul is now. Several of the major issues that should unite all the people of NYS - regardless of party affiliation, are: 1). the need to return integrity to our elections by reinstituting hand counted paper ballots; 2). to hold Hochul to account for her willful and blatant violation of the NYS Constitution's Separation of Powers; 3). making certain Hochul's illegal quarantine initiative never see's the light of day: and 4). cleaning-up the NYS voter rolls, which have been allowing thousands of fraudulent ballots to be disseminated, filled out, and then turned in to be counted on election day, for years now. If the NYS court's refuse to respond to the injustice of lawless actions on behalf of the state's elected officials, then the people must take matters into their own hands. We must scream long and loud from this day forward until the upcoming election. My contribution to your appeal of this terrible ruling will be in the mail Monday morning.

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Sadists in the judicial system are not going to stop me from supporting Bobby Anne. I saw the judges, I wasn’t impressed at All....they actually embarrassed themselves with how little knowledge they had of the case judging by the questions and comments they had.....It wasn’t an impressive show. I thought a couple of the judges were asleep.. One stuck up judge with the condescending voice kept interrupting...clearly a left wing snob. But what these stupid low IQ pompous judges don’t realize, is that this lawsuit is just a piece of our disgust with their whole system. We don’t want to even be a part of it anymore it’s broken, useless and disgusting. .... Kathy Hochul and Albany itself sucks, they are corrupt to the core and only capable of serving themselves . We hate our politicians as much as they hate us....but just think if the millions of people in NY got together and knocked on their doors and said “You know judge, or assemblyman or senator , I think you are a threat to the public and we have a camp for you.” ....I seem to remember somewhere in our history something like that that happened.....and it was completely justified and the people won.....it’s going to take more time but that time will allow people’s fear of government to turn to anger and disgust and pressure on them will build..... to what point? To whatever we allow....and our constitution allows us a LOT.... up to and including...well...... let’s say for now we will play their stupid little game.

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this is definitely a set back but we have to keep moving forward... I remember the judge that kept coughing.... had a bad feeling about her. She was very condescending!

Bobbie, i’m not a lawyer but I am in NY and would gladly help you prepare in any way i can.

Thanks for all you do! ♥️

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Omg 😱 This is bad news for the people of NY. Thank you Bobbie for the update. Thank you for how hard you have worked to defend our constitutional rights.

Will the people continue to comply and be silent?!! We hope not.

Count on Cafecito Break to help share this message.

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Drive her into the River

She is evil

She stood by as Cuomo raped women

She stood by as Cuomo forced sick elderly to nursing homes and killed them with vents


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I am so sorry, Atty. Bobbie Anne! You are such an amazing woman, a powerhouse and a beam of light among the slimy scoundrels!!! Hellish Hochul (Cruella De Ville) belongs in a padded cell.

Thank you so much for being such a warrior!!!❤️❤️❤️

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These judges are trying to kill us, they seem to not understand the gravity of the situation, or understand it completely and are Chinese owned.

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